About Us

A textile and handcrafted fashion brand, NakhreWaali was conceived on 31st of October 2015 by Gursakhi Lugani to test out the response to the first capsule collection of ten earrings; ten pair of earrings which were made from using different textiles and crafts of India. “The concept of the products was so unique that we were scared if the onlookers would understand and want to buy them”, said Gursakhi who was still running her corporate job as an HR consultant. 

NakhreWaali was started with an idea that over time people have begun to care only about fast-fashion and Indian textiles are becoming an afterthought. With NakhreWaali, we wanted to use the rich culture and heritage of our country so that people could have the funk along with the Indian handicrafts and textiles and not only flaunt the pieces but wear them with pride. It was conceived at a time when there was no other “handcrafted jewelry brand” in the market and there was a potential audience which loved the plethora of colors and crafts we were creating.

Within the first eight months of the soft launch, the brand had started getting orders from across various parts of India through Instagram only and the audience started resonating with the brand language and ethos: which motivated the founder to quit her corporate job and take the plunge of launching the brand officially. 

In June 2017, we got our first studio space in Gurgaon and got a military of skilled karigars to help us build our dream. By December 2017, we were already placed in multi designers stores at Milan, Dubai, and Bahrain. From just earrings, we expanded our product range by adding more designer jewelry pieces: neck pieces, head accessories, bangles, bow ties, bags, keychains, and chokers. In January 2018, we took our formal step of launching an online shop at nakhrewaali.co which ships all the nakhras worldwide. March 2018, we won the accolade of being one of the fastest growing Instagram brands by The Economic Times. In June 2018, we entered the apparel world by launching our first collection of blouses and to our surprise, the blouses have been viral Pinterest hits and worn by the who’s who of Bollywood and fashion world.

We then bifurcated our luxury customized range calling it the “NakhreWaali Mehendi” which facilitates the brides to make their big day even bigger by adding the right amount of spunk and quirk. The brand is also a favorite when it comes to wedding favors or festival gifting.

Gursakhi had mentioned explicitly that NakhreWaali’s designs had to be identifiable without the logo 9/10 times. This was a very powerful differentiator. The intention was to always create something unique in terms of the aesthetics and design that this style came to be known as the NakhreWaali style. 

The vision behind the brand has been to empower women so that they can be themselves and be proud of who they are, wear these pieces, style them the way they want and feel more confident about themselves, more grounded to their roots and flaunt them with all the Nakhras they have got. Yet another strong part of our vision aligns with providing a livelihood to the skilled labor by reviving the dying out handicrafts of India. Whether it be Phulkari from Punjab, Bandhani from Jaipur, Mirror work from Gujarat, Banjara Metalwork from Pushkar, Shell work from Goa, or Madhubani from Bihar, you will find an amalgamation of all of these and more in each of our designs.

We proudly call ourselves and Ethical and Sustainable brand with no use of machines, plastic and minimal wastage of raw material that enters our workshops. We also proudly extend our support to the LGBTQ community and have got recognized for the same at various established platforms. 

A major breakthrough for the brand was in February 2019 when one of our design pieces was flaunted at The Academy Award’s Red Carpet by the cast of an Indian Oscar-winning film. 

Today we have a worldwide online presence, offline presence in 8 cities domestically and 5 countries Internationally, 200 unique designs, a base of 200000 unique customers and the endless and undying love which makes us go to sleep happily every night!